Religious minorities were always present during history, from the ancient times through the medieval period until nowadays, on all continents. In this workshop the aim is to look through the different religious minority issues from all times, countries, territories. We will do it in three rounds.

First round: Religious minorities of the participant’s countries. Here, everybody will be asked to present a short summary about the different religious groups of his/her country. The main questions will be:
– historical background
– role in the society in the past and present

– special role in the economy, science, culture
– different religion-different ethnicity?
-relations with the majority
– relations with other religious groups

-different religion – different political opinion?

Second round: Acts of tolerance, intolerance. Attitudes towards religious minorities were different in different times, countries, regions. Here, we try to look through the background of religious tolerance and intolerance. From Ancient Rome through the edicts of Nantes and Augsburg, or the expel of the Jews from Hispania or Trumps “Muslim ban”.

Third round: if you have a specific research topic about religious minorities, here is the time to present it. The main keywords of the presentation are similar as the keywords of round 1 and 2.

Members will be selected by the quality of their abstracts. Also, I’ll try to create the workshops topics as diverse as possible both in time and space, to see as many examples as possible.

The first two round (hopefully) will be interactive and communicative, with many debates and opinions about historical and recent events about the topics. The third round will be the “classical” ppt-session, where everybody will have 20 minutes to present.

Workshop-leaders: Dániel Molnár (ISHA Budapest), Bianca Saad (ISHA Graz)