Since 2017 marks a five hundred years` history of the Reformation, this workshop will focus on the various elements of the Reforamtion and also the processes connected to it. Reformation was not a simple and compact movement or process. After Luther’s example, other reformers presented their opinions and inspired various reformed movements.

This workshop will primarily cover the time period of 16th and 17th century (with possible overlaps to the 18th century), age during which Reformation shaped itself and its elements. We would like to hear not only about topics connected to Luther and his teachings, but also about for example other reformers who stepped out later on and their opinions and about the disputes between them. Reformation and its forms were embraced in wide number of Early Modern states and smaller territorial units, and were often adjusted to theirs specific conditions. These are only a few ideas which can be presented during the workshop.

Participants will prepare presentations about certain topic (up ot 15-20 minutes), followed by round table to discuss presented ideas. Based on number of participants, there will be a introductory presentation or discussion over some text which will be send to the participants in advance.

Workshop leaders: Tereza Lyckova (ISHA Olomuc) and  Zoltán Borbély (ISHA Eger)