ISHA Eger is a relatively new section of ISHA, which was established in September 2015 by the students of the Eszterházy Károly University of Eger (

Our university was established in 1774 by the bishop of Eger,Count  Károly Eszterházy (due to that it’s named after him). He wanted an official university with four faculties (medical, theological, law, and philosophy) but Maria Theresia didn’t permit it. In 2016 his dream has come reality: the college has become university of applied sciences. The History Institution offers courses in all level: BA, MA and PhD studies.

Eger itself is a nice, historical town, the center of Heves county, 130 km far from Budapest (2 hours by train or bus). The city has medieval roots: one of the first dioceses of Hungary was established here by St. Stephen the first king.

Eger was flourishing thorugh centuries but in the 1550’s it became an important fortress against the Ottoman threat. The most famous event of the town’s history happened that time: in 1552 am enourmous Turkish army sieged the fort but the 2000 defenders defeated them. Géza Gárdonyi wrote a popular novel about it, which is very well-known as it’s obligatory reading in Hungarian primary schools.

Now Eger is a popular touristic destination due to its special barque atmosphere, historical castle and the famous wine, called Bull’s Blood.