In April 2017 Eger gives place to the Annual Conference, one of the four traditional events of ISHA (International Students of History Association). The theme will be Religion in History, as the organizers’ aim has been to connect the event to the current European trends and projects.

In this year we celebrate the Jubilee of Reformation: in 1517 Martin Luther nailed this ninety-five theses to the door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg and with this act he unintentionally started a century-long process what we call Reformation. This event marked fundamental changes: Bible was translated to vernacular languages, people were encouraged to find their own way to God.

The Reformation changed not just faith but many other things and through the observation of this phenomenon we can understand social, economical and cultural tendencies of this turbulent period. But religion played a similar important role not just that time. It affected history from many aspects.

The aim of this conference is to observe the role of religion and church in history and discuss how it shaped human culture in different way in different periods. In our workshops we would like to analyse these questions and compare case-studies from the ancient times to nowadays.